We help you in the prevention, management, supervision and control in your operations of all aspects of regulatory compliance.

In order to ensure the legal certainty of companies, compliance or regulatory compliance programs create and establish procedures that guarantee the development of business in accordance with current regulations.

The Criminal Code of 2010 (and its subsequent amendment in 2015) introduced the criminal liability of legal persons, which highlights the importance of compliance programs to help companies avoid risks that may lead to sanctions or in reputational crises that could endanger the stability of the company.

Not all organizations can count on the figure of an internal compliance department that helps them define and establish the necessary controls to avoid irregularities or regulatory breaches, so in Invernet we have a team that can offer you the security and legal guarantee that you need to implement these control measures in your organization:

  • Inventories and risk analysis
  • Ethical or conduct codes
  • GRC Solutions (Governance, Risk & Compliance)
  • Implementation of compliance programs
  • Audits of criminal prevention systems

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