Protect the digital assets of your company to mitigate risks in your activity and offer the maximum guarantee and security to your clients.

Data is one of your most valuable assets in any organization. If an entity’s computer systems are vulnerable, it could be the victim of cyberattacks with the consequent economic, reputational and legal losses that this entails.

At Invernet Consulting we are experts in cybersecurity through the design, deployment, support and administration of Computer Security Systems (SSI) architectures, applications and integrated components to protect your integrated and critical systems.

Through our Security Operations Center (SOC) we take care of preventing, analyzing and maintaining the cybersecurity of public and private companies, guaranteeing the continuity and reliability of the processes and operations of the organizations, ensuring the legal and regulatory compliance required.

  • Security master plans
  • Security Audits
  • Perimeter security (NGFW, IDS, IPS, Sandboxing)
  • Workplace Safety (EDR)
  • Cloud Securization (WAF, ADC, VAM)
  • Network protection (DPI, Anti-DDoS)
  • Access control (NAC, IAM, PAM)

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