Digital transformation of companies and organizations

We create a connected and secure future, through the incorporation of different Information Technologies that allow us to offer unique and personalized solutions.

The current coronavirus crisis has highlighted the need to advance and deepen the digital transformation processes of organizations to make them more agile and efficient. The strengthening of the online channel, the digital repositioning and the development of infraestructures and technological solutions require a transversal vision to protect the value of the business.

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The digital transformation allows cities to be much more efficient, sustainable and humane with the adoption of technological solutions that allow efficient management of municipal resources, improving the quality of life and accessibility of its inhabitants and ensuring a sustainable economic, social and economic development. environment in permanent improvement.

In a Smart City, resources such as transport, lighting, irrigation systems, traffic management, influx of people, energy consumption, civil protection systems … are interconnected in such a way that with intelligent management systems, Cities can detect the needs of citizens and react to them in real time or even anticipate them through the innovative integration of infrastructures with intelligent management systems ”.

At Invernet Consulting we help build the cities of the future, combining and efficiently managing resources related to the environment, mobility, governance, economy, people, security, etc.


  • Building energy efficiency
  • Smart irrigation
  • Waste management
  • Cleaning management


  • Electronic government
  • Participatory government


  • Tourism
  • Job promotion


  • Smart Parking
  • Security and Emergencies

Cloud Computing 

Working in the cloud has become a must in an age when trends and customer needs change at overwhelming speed. The universal use of the Internet, added to the advances in virtualization and distributed computing, have been the great catalyst for the growth of cloud computing, which allows companies to reduce costs and reduce the impacts on the planet.

  • Management through vCenter
  • Possibility of installation on premise
  • VDC security with virtual firewall
  • Backup service in the cloud
  • Disaster Recovery Implementation

Sector digitization projects

Digital transformation allows innovating in business models, creating new products and services enabled by digitization, and improving operational processes, efficiency and results of entities in different sectors:

  • Food industry
  • Digitization for the modernization of commerce
  • Digital health
  • smart tourims

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Development of VR&AR projects, which offer enormous opportunities to companies that want to integrate these technologies:

  • Training plans for employees
  • Simulations
  • Marketing actions
  • Tourism aid
  • Product demonstrations

Smart tourism

We help municipalities to implement their smart and innovative tourist destination strategy in their different strategic axes (governance, innovation, technology, accessibility and sustainability), to encourage their tourist attraction by guaranteeing their sustainable development, accessible to all, and in which they are facilitate visitor interaction and integration with the environment.


Through this technology we create virtual machines that simulate the hardware functionality of physical machines to create software-based IT services such as application servers, storage and networks. Some of its applications:

  • Desktop virtualization
  • Virtual DataCenter
  • Collaborative Mail
  • Videoconferences

Virtual switchboard

The virtual switchboard provides telephone lines and numbers, allows you to automate and customize telephone management and work remotely, and adds a multitude of features that are a great advantage in optimizing time and resources.


Internet of Things (IoT)

We solve the entire IoT process, from the device, communications, IoT services and the Business Analytics layer, to the Managed Service, Monitoring and Global Governance of the IoT platform.

Software development

We help the Digital Transformation of companies by finding functional solutions, from the design of architecture and decision models, to the deployment of the necessary tools for end users, accessible from any device.

R+D+i Center

The new reality requires a permanent adaptation to change and in Invernet Consulting we have a physical space in which researchers and technicians can work together, with the best conditions of confidentiality, on R + D + i projects.

Through our research and developments, we aspire to become a reference center in the transfer of technological and digital applications to the business, organizational and social fabric.


Manage all calls in real time to optimize results.

With our solution in the cloud, the software can be managed virtually, being able to carry out any management or configuration change in the simplest possible way.

  • Attention calls  24×7
  • Support and customer service
  • Telemarketing services
  • Statistics module
  • Integration of CRM systems, ERPs
  • ChatBot
  • Intelligent call reception and distribution

Aware of the reality and needs of companies, we create our own training programs in which the facets of the telecommunications and Information Technology ecosystem are addressed, in order to contribute to the training of independent, versatile professionals with global knowledge of the new digital business environment.

Our training programs are taught online and also face-to-face with assistance to our R & D & i center to develop and apply skills and competencies.


Certification in ISO Standards allows to optimize company processes and obtain competitive advantages. The companies that implement them demonstrate their commitment to quality, occupational health and safety, the environment, social responsibility or risk management itself.

However, applying for ISO certification can become a laborious process that requires an investment in different types of resources. Aware of this situation, we put at your disposal an expert team in these processes so that you can continue to focus on your business while our team is in charge of carrying out the procedures and preparing the necessary materials for this process.



We have agreements with marketers to offer quality and competitive electricity and gas services, integrating them into the rest of the services that other companies such as telecommunications operators can offer.

Coming from renewable energies with the certifications of Guarantee of Renewable Origin (GdO) or “green energy”.


We offer a television solution for third parties (B2B) ‘turnkey’, which complies with all legal guarantees and broadcasting permits of the main content providers (majors) in the market.

We have our own CPD, which allows us to offer great flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of our clients, incorporating television channels on demand, advertising media …

Our IPTV platform has an adaptive signal which guarantees its correct visualization in any environment with an internet connection, adapting to the bandwidth and existing technology at all times.

  • IPTV technological platform for the management and broadcast of audiovisual content.
  • Multi-device – designed for all configurations
  • Adaptive to existing bandwidth
  • VOD, PPV and LIVE.
  • Catch-up
  • Client management tool that incorporates analytical capabilities oriented to Big Data.
  • Customizable third-party app available for iOS and Android.
  • More than 100 television channels
  • It allows integrating customized channels (local, sectorial, etc.) according to the needs of each operator / company.

Security and Alarms

Security systems and interconnected alarms for companies and Institutions.

We start from a technical study carried out by the engineers for the installation, start-up and operation of the project and subsequent advice to the client.

We design any network system either wired (network points) or WiFi, with individualized infrastructure for the personalized development of each project.

  • Connection to own Alarm Receiving Center (ARC)
  • Immediate response
  • Warranty and maintenance
  • Notice to Police without false alarms
  • 24 × 7 service

Social health telecommunications

Calling and surveillance systems that cover the needs in terms of home care management and control of homeless people in social and health centers (residences, day centers, sheltered apartments, hospitals, senior resorts, etc.).

We have systems:

  • Patient-nurse
  • Location systems
  • Residence management programs
  • Home automation accessories
  • Wandering control
  • Tele-assistance facilities at home
  • 24/7 telemedicine platform through video calls

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