Network Engineering and Infrastructure

We create a connected and secure future, by incorporating different Information Technologies that allow us to offer unique and personalized solutions.

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Design, implementation, development and maintenance of telecommunications networks (FTTH, Radio, backup lines, VPN links …)

We carry out “turnkey” deployment projects and we support telecommunications operators and carriers at national and regional level in the following fields:

  • Design of Trunk networks and Distribution and Dispersion networks.
  • Construction of infrastructures: installation, management, permitting and delivery of the necessary documentation.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of infrastructures and systems.

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  • Optical fiber

We are experts in fiber optic networks, deploying networks in channeled infrastructures, high and medium voltage power lines, pole lines and service galleries. We carry out FTT and FTTX network deployments.

  • Radio solutions
  • Installation of Base Stations for mobile telephony 4G and 5G, GSM, DCS, LTE and GSM-R. Antenna support towers and meteorological masts.
  • Base stations and control nodes for GSM, GPRS, TDMA, LMDS, UMTS, CDMA, LTE mobile telephony.
  • Installation and maintenance of RTN’s.
  • Network and Communications Services:
  • Structured cabling
  • Campus networks and data centers
  • Wireless networks
  • Corporate mobility
  • Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Balancers (ADC – Application Delivery Controller)
  • Backup lines: IInstallation of secondary lines so that, in case of failure or breakdown of the main lines, they can be automatically supplemented. We offer personalized connections with a 24/365 guarantee. Backup lines represent a significant saving of time and resources, making it possible to access data in the cloud and point-to-point connections at any time.
  • Point-to-Point Links: We install point-to-point connections to interconnect two or more remote networks as if they were the same, through a communication channel.
  • Dedicated direct access: A type of dedicated connection that provides bandwidth, speed, and reliability. It is an ideal installation for those companies that require an always-on, high-performance 24 × 7 Internet connection.
  • Virtual Private LAN: It allows linking locations through a secure transport connecting the branches or headquarters of companies or organizations, including international lines, physically or virtually.
  • Network Audit

Carrying out detailed studies on network infrastructures in order to optimize their operation by identifying all those problems that may be affecting their performance.

  • Network Monitoring:

Our NOC (Network Operation Center), with 24x7x365 availability:

  • Monitor the performance of the facilities and any IT system.
  • Detects possible anomalies based on behavior.
  • Notify the agreed alerts according to their criticality.
  • Execute the corrective measures previously defined for each case.

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